February 22, 2010

Just breathing...

I breathe a little bit differently when he is here. I sleep differently when he is here. Life slows downs to a sluggish grind when waiting for daddy to come home. Oh, things are still happening. Schedules are still being met (ok, kind of) but without the deadline of "the daddy" coming home from work, it is not the same. My youngest son, Josh is not pleased at all with the willy nilly lunch and dinner that have been happening since dads departure. He is threatening to boycot his family if he doesn't get a "real meal" soon. If you have actually looked at the date, he has missed only one official cooked lunch and dinner. Boy is he high maintenence. Oh....kind of like his mama.
"The daddy" is not here to listen to my next, newest “hare-brained” idea for the farm. Ok, he would on the phone but I can’t see his facial reactions on the phone. I can’t feel his warm breath close to my face when he says “ok, let’s do it.... but how about like this (think Taj Mahal)” or mine on his face when I ask “how much will that cost?”
Yes, all of this is a little silly because he left only yesterday-Sunday- and will be back on Thursday. He is on a business trip. I remember not too long ago, before children, what it was like to have him gone 6-9 months at a time on a tour in Iraq or Japan. But that was a life time ago it seems. Since having children, I need him more than ever. They need him more than ever. Let’s face it. We need “ the daddy” in this house. He brings the fun and flexibility that we all need. In reality, I have always needed him, even before I became "the mommy". He is the missing piece to my puzzle picture.

So here we all are, learning to take more shallow breaths without him here. When he returns, I am sure you will all hear this part of the Long family breathe deeply again “Hurray, daddy is home”!

The photo above was taken after several days of camping-Doesn't he just look like he keeps us all together?


  1. Awww that is such a sweet post. I have a hard time when Dirt has to be gone on a Saturday.

  2. My choice reactions-
    Funny: Written with a sense of humor but not really 'funny'.

    Interesting: Yah, maybe, since I think of you as orderly and not silly about meals.

    Cool: I'm knowing your cool.

    but how about 'tear-jerking' or 'heart-wrenching'!? That's my vote!

    Daddies keep us girls (and their offspring)centered and feet planted, don't they?