March 3, 2010

A quiet afternoon...almost!

Have you ever had one of those dreamy, quiet afternoons that you actually get to sit down on your comfy warm couch and read a really great book? Those are so few and far between here at the Long family farmstead.
But when they do wonderful.

Picture this one. Remember-warm, comfy couch reading....quiet....and then


In bounces my youngest boy.


He is wearing his underwear and that the sheet from your bed? "Yes, mom it is" I am batman here to save the universe. "Where pray tell is the rest of your bedding and bed?" Then he flashes open the sheet to reveal underwear that is about 2 or 3 sizes too small.

This one will do anything for a laugh, especially if it is a surprise.

Holy cow boys are strange little humans.

My youngest and middle boy have decided to build a tee-pee out of their matresses and sheets. Aparently there was an extra sheet left over....thus the batman idea.

It has been a while since one of these antics. The boys are getting older now and becoming much too mature to do any more of these kind of stunts. These types of things used to occur daily. Now their stunts just involve popcicle sticks and golf balls getting stuck in their mouth or putting a large chain and padlock around the neck and proceeding to lose the key to the padlock etc, etc, etc. You know... much more mature antics.
I hope all is well, dear readers in your neck of the woods. I am going to try a get a little bit more reading done on my warm comfy couch before "the daddy" gets home from work.......Maybe!