February 8, 2010

Do chicks eat french fries?

Woot Woo! I have chickens again. Well, they are not full grown chickens, just chicks. One dozen Araucona chicks. They are too cool. Their eggs will be green when they begin laying. That should be about June or July. I will post cool green egg pictures then. The kids are excited to have green eggs in the refrigerator.

On the way back home we stopped by for some lunch at a burger place (man, I like cheeseburgers and french fries way too much). The thought crossed my mind that we had been in the restaurant quite a while and the trip had been kind of long for the chicks without any water or food. I wondered-do chicks eat french fries? I might share one of mine with them. But then the rational side of by brain kicked in. If french fries are not good for people, chances are that they are not good for baby chicks. Oh, maybe, I should listen to the rational side of my brain more often. Yah, cause now I have a gut ache from eating the big, fat, bacon cheeseburger and the whole carton of fries. Oh, but I washed it all down with a frothy diet pepsi. Wait, that stuff is bad for you too. Holy cape crusaders batman I am going to have to exercise quite a bit to make up for this weekend’s romp through the bad food buffet. Maybe chasing some chicks around their pen will do the trick-probably not.

No, if you are wondering, I am not new to chickens. I have raised chickens for the last six or seven years. I have been without a flock since last fall though. We gave away the old girls because we thought that we were going to be moving and they were not worth their feed any longer. Here at the Long family farmstead, as an animal you must at least bring the value of your feed to the table. Value could be monetary, a food source, or critter control. I will be adding to this beginner group of chicks shortly. Their new house is my garage for right now. We have some hen house repairs to make. The farm that I picked them up from has a lot more to choose from so….I will be back.

I have been out of my farm and garden “sorts” for a couple of years. The new life is returning and I am beginning to feel like a farm girl again.

Note to self…..do not feed chicks french fries.

Extra note to self…..that applies to big girl chicks when eaten with a large greasy cheeseburger.


  1. Yes, and I'm gonna call my extra 17lbs. my new norm. Diner food tonight? I'm in!

  2. Very cute chicks! I'm quite excited about your having chickens again

  3. All I had to do was read the title and I had an answer for you, YES they do! Oh wait, you were asking if chicken chicks eat french fries, not Vick chicks! Crispy fries, not limp fries, kinda like how I like my life.